First Things First


Where can I buy groceries? Where is the trash chute? Where can I put all these boxes I unpacked? How do I set up my cable?


Answers to these questions and everything you need to know your first days at Lux Towers is below.

Take a Deep Breath. Everything You Need is Close at Hand.

Trash Disposal

Trash is located in the laundry room.

Grocery Store

The closest full service supermarket is Express Market which is located at 1234 Main Street.

Box Disposal

Flatten your boxes and bring them to the ground floor.

You've Got Mail

Your mailbox is right off the lobby. Just walk across the lobby to your right.



Click on the icons to be directed to each of the services websites or use the listed phone numbers to set up your new service.


  Phone Service is provided by Comcast. (800) 938-9347

Cable and Internet

Cable and Internet are provided by Comcast.
(800) 837 -6392


Electric service is provided by PECO.
(800) 327-8473

Gas Service

Gas service is provided by PGW.
(800) 736-8476

Drop Us a Line

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